Bruce's Blog: Cool for the Summer

Jun 20, 2017

School’s out, sun’s out, and I’m out...of the office for vacation. The office has been a little crazy lately, and after putting up with it for so long, I’ve decided that I deserve a break. In fact, I’ve already booked my stay at the resort and spa in the meowtains nearby. 

I honestly don’t plan to do too much while I’m there. I’ll definitely sunbathe by the pool, though my toe beans won’t get anywhere near the water. I might do some light fishing as well. I could always use a snack.

The shuttle will be here soon, so I better go finish packing. I’m still having trouble choosing which mice toys I want to take with me. I probably shouldn’t take any, if I don’t want the humans to notice my absence. I wonder if they’ll miss me.

Let’s face it—of course they will. I’m amazing.

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